Elmo brings you a series of three major servo drives and amplifiers –
the Gold, the SimplIQ, and the ExtrIQ

Servo Drives can answer any of your motion needs

Gold Servo Drives

The Gold servo drives, are a result of over 200 engineering years and a natural evolution of SimplIQ technology. Supporting both CANopen and EtherCAT protocols and equipped with the latest advanced technology has to offer, the line is the cutting-edge in servos!

Servo Drives can answer any of your motion needs

SimplIQ Servo Drives

The SimplIQ servo drives have been in operation for over a decade and today, hundreds of thousands continue to exhibit utmost reliability and performance proving why they are still considered a top servo drive on the market.

Differences Between Gold and SimplIQ Servo Drives

  • Gold servo drives have a higher and wider servo performance Bandwidth, Current, Velocity, Position, Dual Loop, Gantry, etc. The Gold Line has a significantly wider current (Torque) and dynamic range.
  • SimplIQ servo drives support CANopen Communication.
  • Gold servo drives support EtherCAT & CANopen, and real-time of the latter is significantly improved.
  • Gold servo drives support any feedback and have higher capabilities, performance and flexibilities in feedback manipulation for dual loops, Gantry, MIMO, etc.