servo drives tuning / auto tuner


elmo composer

Elmo Composer

servo drives tuning / auto tuner

Software for SimplIQ and ExtrIQ servo drives

Elmo’s Composer supports setup, tuning and testing for our popular SimplIQ servo drives and ExtrIQ servo drives.

A Windows®-based application with over 10 years of continuous use in the field, the Composer enables both automatic and manual tuning capabilities for every aspect of Elmo drives.

Standard activities like setup, configuration, expert tuning, motion monitoring, logging and analysis are performed quickly and easily. Elmo’s Composer also works with any brush or brushless servo motor.

With the Composer, you can:

  • Tune a connected Elmo servo drive, either manually or automatically
  • Test the controlled feedback system
  • Interpret the test results and modify the test parameters
  • Evaluate closed-loop performance for different sensor noise levels and different margins on different controllers
  • Communicate with a CANopen network
  • Create, edit and debug user programs

Main Features

  • Wizard for initial setup and tuning of single-axis servo drives.
  • Smart Terminal to manually manipulate a drive.
  • Motion monitor to control drive and system activities
  • Elementary programming environment to for write execute programs on connected drives, as well as view parameters of an open application.
  • Table editor to edit an existing PVT or PT table and download it to a connected drive.
  • Sync manager to synchronize internal clocks of all connected drives through a CANopen network.
  • Scope to display recorded parameters, provide mathematical functions for manipulating curves, and export data.
  • Networking with up to 8 servo drives (127 drives when CANopen is used).