Develop basic motion function blocks (linear and circular) as well as sophisticated kinematics and blended transition modes.

  • Synchronize up to 16 axes per group
  • Up to 1000 function block (FB) queue size
  • Support for linear and circular motions, different coordinate systems and kinematics
  • Support for motion blending and transition modes, splines, PVT, motion limits at network level
  • Monitoring of in-target and motion times

G-MAS Group Coordinated Motions

PLCopen standard Linear and Circular motionsRead More »

G-MAS Coordinate Systems and Kinematics

G-MAS can execute complex defined real time Kinematic Transformations for machine related coordinated systems.Read More »

Motion Blending

Velocity change on the fly to specific velocity command (Previous, Next, High, Low command ) without stopping the motionRead More »

G-MAS Group Polynomial Motion Segments

Create smooth polynomial shape segments in 2D and 3D space.Read More »

G-MAS Group Motion PVT Support

User can specify a prepared or on the fly path, up to 16 axes – with discrete position, velocity and time. The G-MAS will interpolate (5th order) to create a smooth and contiguous pathRead More »

Spline Support

User can define either to work in Fixed time or Constant Velocity spline modes.Read More »

G-MAS Superimposed Motion

Enables imposing an additional profiler on top of an ongoing motion in real time.Read More »

Network Group Limits (Safe Zones) Support

Safe Zones can be set to avoid entering prohibited areas.Read More »

G-MAS Motion In Target Monitoring

‘In Target’ as well as ‘Motion Ended’ status reporting for any axis.Read More »

G-MAS Delta Robot

Support for delta robot kinematics using multiple coordinate systemsRead More »

G-MAS Flying Vision

The Flying Vision is an optimal Solution for any machinery whose process requires position correction while moving at high speed and stable and smooth movementsRead More »

2D, 3D Error Correction Support

Error Correction
Compensates for pitch variations, stage bowing and misalignment. The feature allows position corrections for 1D, 2D and 3D systems such as XY tables, etc.Read More »